Windows Killer

July 21, 2006

Apple has “only” 75% market share in the portable music market because it was rewarded for creating a great product, yet everyone is trying to produce a true iPod Killer.

On the other hand, Microsoft creates the most inferior products, owns 90% of the market because they licensed it and yet, no one really cares about producing an alternative solution. Windows users demand “choice”, but that one choice has been stuck with 2001 technology. They don’t want to be locked into one manufacturer, yet no one seems to complain about being locked into one software manufacturer.

With Apple creating the bridge that allows suffering Windows users to cross over, Microsoft continues to force feed their users that the Microsoft Way is the Only Way.

The business sector continues to believe that any Microsoft solution is the safe (can I say this) and conservative decision, despite the huge amounts of money they spend on IT support.

Soon a CFO who had bought a Mac Mini for his wife will find out how little one would “need” Windows and may finally ask himself the question: “If our multi billion dollar company went to an all Apple solution, how much money will we save and how much more secure will our data be?”

At what point must Apple’s market share reach before OS X can officially claim the title of “Windows Killer?”


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