Gregoryology is a pictorial walkthrough of the history of the Gregory Family in a fresh and friendly format and to encourage open converstions of other Gregoryologists by taking advantage of the WordPress engine.

Traveling became a big part in researching for Gregoryology. Visiting exotic areas such as Amboy, IL, Rhyolite, NV and Ireland have been rewarding both culturally as well as genealogically. Many more trips are planned.

It all started as an exercise in website building and the search for genealogical content. Once basic material was collected, it was time to publish the findings and on 4 Dec 2001 Gregoryology was christened. Learning that my family has been residing in Chicago since 1858, I started to gather information about early Chicago to use as filler material. However after a year of researching, the information available about Chicago was dwarfing the data uncovered involving the Gregory family and something needed to be done. After minutes of deliberation, it was decided that Chicagology must be created.

The site is in a constant growth and change state. However, browsing through Gregoryology is like flipping the pages of a book. You can visit any section or page at random, yet have no difficulty in knowing where you are.

I hope that you enjoy your visit and welcome any input that you want to offer – good or bad. The intent is to provide each visitor with a pleasant, mostly ad-free experience and to ignite a flame that discovering history is just as exciting as living it.


Terry Gregory

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But you will feel better about yourself.