M. C. Hawley

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M. C. Hawley US No. 91228
Built At
Fort Howard, WI

According to the 1885 Inland Lloyds Vessel Register, the M. C. Hawley was built at Green Bay in 1880 by John Gregory and was built for Thomas Hawley. Her home port was Green Bay with a value of $116,000. She had a net weight of 171.94 tons with a gross weight of 208.77 tons and was 134 feet long and a 26.8 foot beam. First enrollment was 24 April 1880 in Milwaukee, WI.

Thomas Hawley sold the steamer to McCormick & Co. of Green Bay on 12 October 1882 for $13,000. The steamer ran the route between Green Bay and Manistique, Michigan in both the passenger and freight trade. Thomas Hawley bought the steamer back on 2 October 1885 for $10,500 ($16,500?). The steamer was being run between Ashland and other Lake Superior ports, but Capt Hawley wanted to use her for her old Green Bay routes.

The M. C. Hawley (US No. 91228) was the only sidewheeler built by John Gregory. Sidewheelers are also known as a paddle steamers which were very common along the Mississippi River. Boats with paddle wheels on the sides are termed sidewheelers, while those with a single wheel on the stern are known as sternwheelers.

The exact origins of the boat are unknown, while some sources state that she was built in 1866, the details are unclear. Most records indicate that she was built in 1880 at Fort Howard, Wisconsin by John Gregory. None of the enrollment documents are dated before 1880 and no information between 1866 and 1880 is available.

On 13 March 1884 her name was changed to City of Green Bay

The steamer City of Green Bay burned at McCormick’s dock in Green Bay at 2 o’clock in the afternoon on 18 November 1887. When discovered by the steamer’s watchman the flames were emerging from the hold about the boiler. They gained rapidly and the crew escaped from their rooms on the main deck with considerable difficulty. The upper works were destroyed, together with the equipments, furniture, etc. The hull was saved and it was thought to be in good condition. The machinery was ruined. The boat previously rated A2 and was valued in the Inland Lloyds at $16,000. The loss is placed at two-thirds that amount.

The insurance to the amount of $11,000 is placed in Buffalo agencies as follows:

Phoenix of Brooklyn – $3,500
Orient – $1,500
Exchange, New York – $1,500
Louisville Underwriters – $1,500
Royal England – $1,500
Commercial of California – $1,500


City of Green Bay, 1889.

In 1889 she was converted from a sidewheeler to a prop. The conversion was done in Manitowoc and was started in January of 1888 and was ready for launch on 11 August 1889. It was christened as The Dauntless, but that name was never registered.

On 19 August 1909, the vessel burned at Whistler’s Point, Saginaw Bay, Michigan with eight persons aboard. No lives were lost.

Owner History

1882 Owned McCormick & Co., Milwaukee, WI.
1885, Jun Chartered to Wisconsin Central Railroad serving Lake Superior out of Ashland, WI.
1885, Aug Owned McCormick et al & Thomas Hawley.
1885, Oct Owned Thomas Hawley.
1887, Nov 18 Upper works destroyed by fire at dock in Green Bay; rebuilt as propeller, Manitowoc, WI; 134 x 26 x 7.5′, 257 gross / 178 net tons.
1891 Owned Haspold, Chicago, IL; ran Lake Superior.
1892, Jun 10 198.74 gross / 121.73 net tons.
1893 Owned J.D. Lundquist, Marinette, WI; 257.23 gross / 178.78 net tons.
1898 Owned Booth P. Co., Chicago.
1902 Owned P.C. Maloney, Green Bay.
1903 Owned M. & P. Transportation Co., Green Bay.
1905 Owned Harts Steamship Line, W.P. Schilling et al, Green Bay.
1908 Owned Green Bay Transit Co.; converted to dredge, Bay City 134 x 22.58 x 7′, 208 gross / 142 net tons.