Chicago has always been a major baseball city. The Chicago Cubs are the oldest professional club to remain in the same city and the Chicago White Sox are one of the original eight American League teams. The Cubs are still playing in the same ballpark that was built in 1914 and the Chicago White Sox are still playing at the same address since 1910, although in a different facility.

I have been a fan of the Chicago White Sox primarily because Chicago was always a White Sox town in the period that I grew up. The South Side team always put out a competitive team since their Go-Go gang of 1959 and always gave the New York Yankees a challenge. The other team on the North Side was not as successful, and Chicago would have most certainly switched their loyalty had the New York Mets not executed their miracle season in 1969.

The memories of old Comiskey Park on 35th and Shields streets will always be there for many fans and especially for me. There were a couple seasons that I ditched college classes to attend Opening Day games only to leave in the fifth inning in fear of getting frostbite. However, from 1977 through 1982 I took advantage of the weekend edition of the Season Ticket plan and was able to secure probably the best tickets in the house.

Upper Deck
Box 23
Row 1
Seats 1 through 4

Being the proud owner of one of the first Betamax video recorders, I was able to record the seventh inning stretch of several games of the 1979 and 1980 seasons of Harry leading the crowd with the accompaniment of the talented Nancy Faust, who happened to be just a few rows above our seats.

Twenty five years later with the coming of the digital revolution, it was time to convert the Beta tape to digital. The next step was to identify the dates and scores of the games and superimpose this info on the final cut. A few clicks here and there using Final Cut Pro and the finished product was posted on YouTube. Due to the time and file size requirements on YouTube, the clips had to be posted in three segments.

There was