Adding TNG to WP

WordPress integrates brilliantly with TNG and its so simple even I (a non-techie) can do it. I worked with this with Darrin from TNG so this is as about as official as you can get.

The concept is to copy the code from WordPress’ header.php and footer.php to TNG’s topmenu.html and footer.html. The trick is to get the converted code which you get by saving a WordPress page through your browser and opening the page through your editing program (GoLive, Dreamweaver, etc).

In other words, you need to convert the php code from WordPress to HTML and this is done simply by using the View Code command from your browser.

You would need to have a “crossover” page. This is done by creating a static, HTML based TNG page. You create it he same way as described above, but save it as “yourdomain/genealogy/home.html”. Then create a blank WordPress page named “genealogy”. WordPress will pick up the static page as your TNG Home Page (index.html) in your TNG directory.

Also make sure that the theme that you are using supports a wide screen (at least 700px). I suggest Revolution for about $80 as its a very professional and well supported theme. TNG adapted very well to it and as you check out the sample sites and the forums is quite customizable.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Terry Gregory