Magnum 2006

November 19, 2006

Last minute flight from Baltimore to Chicago

Ten hour stay at a Marriott Courtyard

Pizza and Beer at Home Run Inn Pizzeria

Hanging with friends you haven’t seen in 20 years

On Saturday, 18 Nov 2006, 6 members of the championship 1977 Magnum Softball Team reunited at a Chicago Home Run Inn Pizzeria. The line-up consisted of Rich Budo, Mark DeMato, Dave Fiedor, Walter Forst, Tom Volk and myself. Topics covered in this gathering of the minds included Crude Oil, the Enron Scandal, Global Warming and Government Corruption.

Actually the converstaions were about the high price of car oil changes, Tom Skilling the Weatherman, the progressively warmer winters of Chicago and the saga of Randy Aderman’s timecard.

Not to mention, bowling.


Terry Gregory

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