Chicago, Cook Co, IL

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Tree: gregory
City/Town : Latitude: 41.883325, Longitude: -87.630236


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Glenn, Mary  1940Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1138 gregory 
2 Gregory, Ambrose J.  29 Nov 1921Chicago, Cook Co, IL I94 gregory 
3 Gregory, Arthur James  8 Jan 1884Chicago, Cook Co, IL I480 gregory 
4 Gregory, Edmond B.  7 Jul 1877Chicago, Cook Co, IL I71 gregory 
5 Gregory, Evangeline C.  4 Feb 1882Chicago, Cook Co, IL I479 gregory 
6 Gregory, Francis Leonard  14 Feb 1876Chicago, Cook Co, IL I9 gregory 
7 Gregory, Sgt Francis Leonard Jr  26 May 1920Chicago, Cook Co, IL I3 gregory 
8 Gregory, John Joseph  18 Nov 1880Chicago, Cook Co, IL I33 gregory 
9 Gregory, Joseph Edmund  31 Mar 1918Chicago, Cook Co, IL I11 gregory 
10 Kennedy, Mary Lois  26 Dec 1929Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1126 gregory 
11 Lyman, Margaret G.  Oct 1861Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1102 gregory 
12 Maus, Rita Ann  22 Apr 1947Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1154 gregory 
13 McCullough, Andrew Jackson  4 Mar 1892Chicago, Cook Co, IL I485 gregory 
14 McCullough, Grace H. (Nellie)  28 Nov 1895Chicago, Cook Co, IL I484 gregory 
15 McCullough, Rosemary  Oct 1885Chicago, Cook Co, IL I10 gregory 
16 Mohan, Alice Mary  30 Apr 1917Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1086 gregory 
17 Mohan, Charles Harold  12 Oct 1898Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1114 gregory 
18 Mohan, Edith Lucille  28 Jul 1910Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1082 gregory 
19 Mohan, Edmund Arthur  3 Apr 1861Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1101 gregory 
20 Mohan, Edmund Leonard  Oct 1896Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1091 gregory 
21 Mohan, Geneviev  4 Feb 1887Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1106 gregory 
22 Mohan, John  26 Aug 1896Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1110 gregory 
23 Mohan, John Francis  27 Dec 1859Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1093 gregory 
24 Mohan, Joseph Philip  23 Feb 1895Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1113 gregory 
25 Mohan, Madeline Virginia (Madge)  6 Mar 1903Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1115 gregory 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Louisa  1931Chicago, Cook Co, IL I818 gregory 
2 Mellssa  21 Apr 1883Chicago, Cook Co, IL I138 gregory 
3 Anderson, Sophia Albertina Althea  31 Oct 1949Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1090 gregory 
4 Cahill, James E.  28 Apr 1966Chicago, Cook Co, IL I365 gregory 
5 Devlin, Rose D.  8 Oct 1893Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1024 gregory 
6 Ennis, Anne Smellia  12 Aug 1919Chicago, Cook Co, IL I483 gregory 
7 Glenn, Mary  1940Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1138 gregory 
8 Gregory, Ambrose J.  4 Aug 1922Chicago, Cook Co, IL I94 gregory 
9 Gregory, Arthur James  23 Jan 1884Chicago, Cook Co, IL I480 gregory 
10 Gregory, Caryl  27 Jul 1914Chicago, Cook Co, IL I67 gregory 
11 Gregory, Edmond B.  6 Mar 1884Chicago, Cook Co, IL I71 gregory 
12 Gregory, Sgt Francis Leonard Jr  10 Jun 2006Chicago, Cook Co, IL I3 gregory 
13 Gregory, James Jacob  5 May 1907Chicago, Cook Co, IL I515 gregory 
14 Gregory, John Joseph  29 Aug 1959Chicago, Cook Co, IL I33 gregory 
15 Gregory, Margaret  26 Jul 1947Chicago, Cook Co, IL I513 gregory 
16 Gregory, Thomas Stephen  3 Dec 1901Chicago, Cook Co, IL I618 gregory 
17 Hegert, Geraldine D.  30 Jun 1973Chicago, Cook Co, IL I821 gregory 
18 Hunter, Rebecca Johanna  15 Nov 1929Chicago, Cook Co, IL I17 gregory 
19 Lavender, Mary  18 Mar 1907Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1530 gregory 
20 Leonard, Catherine  21 Feb 1894Chicago, Cook Co, IL I76 gregory 
21 Lyman, Margaret G.  26 Sep 1918Chicago, Cook Co, IL I1102 gregory 
22 McCullough, Andrew Jackson  27 Nov 1906Chicago, Cook Co, IL I482 gregory 
23 McCullough, Andrew Jackson  26 Nov 1945Chicago, Cook Co, IL I485 gregory 
24 McCullough, Grace H. (Nellie)  17 Aug 1976Chicago, Cook Co, IL I484 gregory 
25 McCullough, Rosemary  18 Aug 1960Chicago, Cook Co, IL I10 gregory 

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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Gregory / Rozema  Chicago, Cook Co, IL F8 gregory 
2 Gregory / Hunter  30 Dec 1874Chicago, Cook Co, IL F12 gregory 
3 Mohan / Lyman  5 May 1886Chicago, Cook Co, IL F1019 gregory 
4 Gregory / Dufficy  1 Nov 1892Chicago, Cook Co, IL F365 gregory 
5 Mohan / Anderson  10 May 1894Chicago, Cook Co, IL F1014 gregory 
6 Carpenter / Gregory  16 Jun 1896Chicago, Cook Co, IL F364 gregory 
7 Hegert / Hansen  3 Jan 1900Chicago, Cook Co, IL F906 gregory 
8 Hegert / Gregory  19 Jan 1900Chicago, Cook Co, IL F351 gregory 
9 Young / Gregory  1907Chicago, Cook Co, IL F473 gregory 
10 Naddy / Mulvihill  6 Mar 1909Chicago, Cook Co, IL F1020 gregory 
11 Mohan / Bonomo  1926Chicago, Cook Co, IL F1103 gregory 
12 Gregory / Skor  20 Nov 1946Chicago, Cook Co, IL F2 gregory 
13 Gregory / Fox  3 Jun 1967Chicago, Cook Co, IL F482 gregory 


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   Family   Divorced   Family ID   Tree 
1 Mohan / Devlin  13 Feb 1883Chicago, Cook Co, IL F1013 gregory 
2 Naddy / Mulvihill  Dec 1912Chicago, Cook Co, IL F1020 gregory